ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver Galaxy Edition
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ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver Galaxy Edition

Amazing and mysterious screensaver that will take you to a castle standing on a cliff in nasty weather
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The ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver Galaxy Edition is an amazing and mysterious screensaver that will take you to a castle standing on a cliff in nasty weather. The visuals are stunning and the animations are mesmerizing, depicting multicolored lightning bolts, red fog, and hieroglyphs. The accompanying sounds are eery and add to the overall atmosphere. You can switch between scenes and enable or disable sounds and effects to customize your experience. This is a great way to add some mystery and drama to your desktop.

Imagine a deserted land in the middle of nowhere.
Somewhere at the distance you can perceive the silhouette of a mountain with a castle at its top.
Around you, thunder, lightning and rain.
Sounds creepy, doesn't it?

Electricalm 3D Screensaver will bring the mystery of thunder and lightning to your screen.

This awesome screensaver will take you to a very mysterious place in the middle of a severe electrical storm.
You will be able to see lightning bolts everywhere around you.
You will also be listening to thunders and the sound of rain falling.
The scene is so realistic that you even feel like running for shelter.
All of a sudden you see the shape of a castle atop a mountain.
It is a very weird castle that will not allow you to see what is happening inside.
Who, or what lives there?

You have no remedy but to stay watching the scene in awe, looking at lightning to the right and left of you.
Sometimes two or more lightning bolts appear at the same time, creating a scene that you just can't stop admiring.

Electricalm Screensaver will surely become one of your favorites. It will attract the attention of every person that walks by your computer.

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